Souls’ Landscapes

This project has been premiered in March 2015 during Sharjah Biennial 12 opening days .

High tension performance conceived and composed by Uriel Barthélémi in collaboration with hip hop dancers Entissar Al Hamdany & Fabrice Taraud, actor Joel Lokossou, and visual artist Rigo 23.

Entissar Al Hamdany: Performance & Choreography
Fabrice Taraud: Performance & Choreography
Joel Lokossou: Acting & texts
Rigo 23: Scenography & artistic advice
Uriel Barthélémi: Conception & artistic direction, Drums & Laptop, Lights & Scenography.

Part 1 : Violence, magical superstructures and invisible guardians

Part 2 : Earth layers

Part 3 : The great mantle of night which has envelopped us…

This unembellished, intense and lively encounter tends to make the stage a place where discourse full of imagery may burst forth, and in which the energy in every movement matter more than the visible phenomenon. This is a space where real and imaginary masks are used or shattered in an attempt to reveal some of the fragmented realities which dwell within us; ethereal landscapes…

Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation for the Sharjah Art biennial 12, Souls’ Landscapes is a performance conceived and performed by Uriel Barthélémi in collaboration with Entissar Al Hamdany, Joel Lokossou, Rigo 23 and Fabrice Taraud. A sonic composition reflecting on Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth, the work incorporates music, movement, shadow and text and is spatialized in three distinct chapters.

The structure explores different sides of the performers’ perceptions of Fanon’s thought and allows for an abstract progression between each part. All chapters explore distinct, thematically related rhythmical continuums or iterative “sound colours” creating resonance between them while developing a non-linear subterranean structure. Solo electronic components are used in the first and second parts, while the third employs direct, radical switches between different fragments of language, revealing consciousness through apparent chaos.

The purpose is raw and invested as much as oneiric and hypnotic, always seeking to push the performers beyond their limits.

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teaser 1 (2014)

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